Xin Yi Quan, Xing Yi Quan & Yi Chuan

A quick look at three close relatives in internal Chinese martial arts.

This is a rough outline, I’ll add more to it later:

Eldest brother: XinYi Quan

  • Shanxi
  • Heart and willpower are at the basis of training
  • Difficult – Requires a high level of control/manipulation of the emotional, heart orĀ Xin.


Middle Brother: Xing Yi Quan

  • Hebei
  • Create physical postures or “shapes” that align with attack, defense or health outcomes.
  • Slightly more accessible for most people than it’s siblings, with a deceptively subtle depth.


Youngest brother: Yi Chuan

  • Wang Zhanzhai
  • Fewer forms but very thorough Zhuang Fa, or standing training methods.
  • In one way this art simplifies and streamlines it’s two elder brothers.
  • However it requires a direct and faster than normal connection between one’s intent and the physical reflexes. Difficult to learn. Easy to over do hard muscular force and loose progress.




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