Using the Bagua Bubble for Posture Correction

Shifu Chao sometimes uses the analogy of a big bubble to describe a person’s everyday postural tendencies and more often to prescribe specific Zhang Zhuang postures. This is similar to the metaphor in the Tai Chi classics of threading a nine bend pearl. How it works. Visualize a large bubble around your body, as you… Read More »

Training concepts for developing internal power.

Basic ideas for developing internal power through standing meditation or Zhang Zhuang:Zhan Zhuang, or standing meditation, is the foundation of the internal power possessed and taught by Shifu Victor Chao. Zhang Zhuang translates as “standing like a post” but there is a lot going on internally. CXW, the great Tai Chi Master, said: “outside like… Read More »

Xing Yi Hands, Bagua Feet and Yi Chuan Body Mechanics.

The internal martial arts of Xing Yi Chuan (Hsing I) and Ba Gua Zhang (Pakua) compliment each other in many ways. In fact these arts are so compatible that some people think they share a common ancestor art or even that Bagua evolved from Xing Yi. The obvious advantage of cross training in these two… Read More »