Traditional Xingyi and Bagua Classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Welcome to the Magic Dragon school of traditional internal martial arts, giving classes in Bagua and Xingyi in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our training starts with Zhang Zhuang training to develop internal power and afterward progresses to traditional Gao Style Bagua Zhang and Hebei Style Xing Yi Chaun. Shifu Chao takes the form follows function approach, it is not showy kung fu.

Some concepts for developing internal power for Bagua, Xing Yi, Yi Chuan and Tai Chi Chaun

The basic standing and breathing methods as the weightlifting of internal martial arts. These exercises are designed to link the body to move as a unit so you can better leverage the ground force. It is a fairly complex training process, here are some helpful tips for beginners and experienced alike.

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